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Fast forward presentation tool
Node.js, express.js, websockets

Arch Linux LUKS

Setting up Arch Linux with Awesome WM.
The whole system is fully encrypted and the Awesome WM is customized to my needs - Love working with it
Arch Linux, LUKS, Awesome WM, Lua



Blog Setup

After finishing the design of the site it thought it would also be cool to have a sort of blog.

My first idea was to keep it easy and directly write the blog posts into the source code of the HTML.

But man I am a hacker - this solutions sucks. Always having to care about the shitty HTML and then upload the stuff via FTP.

So lets get some PHP and solve the problem:

  1. Create a directory where all the blogposts will go as simple file
  2. Get all files from the directory with $allPosts = array_diff(scandir($path), array('.', '..')); and reorder the array (I want to diplay the newest post on top)
  3. Parse the files into HTML code - I used the parsedown markdown parsing libary.

Done for today. I can write in simple markdown and the codes does the rest.

Next Step: Get a git auto pull to always load the newest post from github.